Love Matching Bracelets For Couples In 24K Gold And Rope

Maximum number of characters: 18

Maximum number of characters: 18


Metal Type: 24K Gold(Engraving love text bullion), Rope, Alloy

Metal Color: Gold And Black, Gold And Red Two-tone

Bracelet Style: Symbols/Love

Personalized: Engravable, Charm Engraving on extension chain (4 characters limited)

Bracelet Length: 16.5cm + 4cm Extension chain for male, 14.5cm + 4cm Extension chain for male, Adjustable

Gold Net Weight(g): 0.6g

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Gold karat is a number that tells you how many parts pure gold are in a jewelry piece, out of a total of 24 parts. For example, 10-karat gold rings contain approximately 42% gold (10 divided by 24), and the rest is other metals such as zinc, nickel, etc. Higher karat gold is more expensive as it is purer. Since pure gold is very soft, the lower the karat of your gold ring, the harder and more durable it will be. Low-karat gold rings (e.g., 10k or 14k) are suitable for everyday wear as they are harder to scratch and will need to be polished less often. In addition, ring parts made of low-karat gold are not bent or broken as easily as those made of purer gold.

What should I pay attention to when I wear it every day?

1. Avoid wearing it while taking a bath or swimming.

2. Avoid direct contact with chemicals such as cosmetics and perfumes.

3. If you're going to wash your ring at home, you should soak it in a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid for half an hour, before gently scrubbing it with a soft bristle toothbrush.


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